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Journal of World Chinese Studies


Foreword to Journal of World Chinese Studies

Do you understand China? By understanding I mean true understanding, deep understanding, and real understanding without disguise. If you want to achieve all these understandings, this electronic periodical Journal of World Chinese Studies is a good platform to start with.

The Journal of World Chinese Studies strives to become one of the leading journals in introducing Chinese traditional culture, literature, history and language.

Sinology is also known as Chinese Studies that encourages approaching China from global perspectives, reviewing China within the framework of current trends, and meanwhile interpreting China’s historical a

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A Brief Introduction to The Comments on Zhiyanzhai’s Evaluation of the Story of the Stone in Jiaxu Version

Cao Xueqin has always been considered to be the author of the book "A Dream of the Red Chambers”. However, according to the latest research by the Chinese Studies scholar Muzhai, Cao Xueqin is a pseudonym, combined from such names as Cao Fu,Zhi Yanzhai and Cao Zhan. Cao Fu is the original author of the Story of the Stone, and Zhi Yanzhai is the real author of the book. Zhi Yanzhai, born on 24 November 1716, was the daughter of Li Xu, who was a Zhizao (织造) (an official post appointed by the imperial court to be responsible for all the textile products made in Suzhou for imperial members and officials), and whose daughter was born in his late years. In 1723, the Li’s property was confiscated and they sought asylum in the Cao family where Zhiyanzhai fell in love with Cao Zhan. In 1754, she became the main writer of this book and later married Cao Zhan. Muzhai’s recent research on The Dream of Red Chambers is published in this book in the form of comments and annotations. The book will come out in four volumes in accordance with the original form that four chapters are one pack. The current publication involves The Explanatory Notes (《凡例》) and the first four chapters of the first volume. The book written in Chinese and translated in English will be published simultaneously in the United States and in Europe by the World Chinese Studies Press in December 2018. International Book No.: 978-1-7326215-1-0

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